Whether you're no good with numbers or you simply don't have the time to track your expenses, It Figures Bookkeeping has the tools and the know-how to tackle your bookkeeping chores for you. Our bookkeepers are hard at work keeping individuals and business owners in Edmonton, on the right track. Choosing us will give you fast service from a reliable company that goes above and beyond to serve its customers.

We are not just a full service bookkeeping company, we specialize in Corporate and Personal Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, Corporate Registry Services, Legal Shield, Commissioner or Oaths and more. We offer one-time and ongoing assistance in these and our other services. We will complete your bookkeeping at our convenient location. You can drop your records off any time; weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, semi- annually, or yearly, whichever works best for you.

Our goal is to help you keep track of business or personal finances and prepare the necessary documentation. We combine modern technology with proven bookkeeping practices to help ensure accuracy and enable timely filing and financial reporting.